Lotta Years

Yes, the last post I made was in 2010.

I owned a 98 Legacy L then, green, BK5 wagon, 5MT, EJ22, and enjoyed it. WRX seats, WRX wheels, intake, muffler. Sold in 2012 I think.

Moved on to a 97 Outback Limited. EJ25D (my only DOHC motor) with a 5MT. White with black leather. Really nice, loud exhaust that I struggled with for a long time. Lowered on WRX dampers and springs. Sold in 2013 I think.

Replaced with the previously owned 2001 Outback (BH) which was boring as hell. Slapped some JDM GT-B wheels on it and endured it. Sold in 2015.

While I had the BH, I also owned a BP Outback XT, 2005, 5EAT. Silver with many bells and whistles. It had a reasonable amount of miles, lots of work done including a replaced turbo. A bit of a foolish purchase, I sold it less than a month after buying it because I feared it wasn’t what I really wanted.

November 2014 I bought a 2009 Honda Fit Sport, 5MT. This is what I’m driving as of this post in late-2016. It’s light, small, agile, economical, and cheap to run (A/C compressor notwithstanding) and I have few regrets leaving Subaru.

The BBS goes on, with one of the best communities I’ve ever encountered. The first-generation Legacy continues to be a popular car because it’s so well built. Japanese cars in the late-80s and early 90s have this reputation, and it’s well deserved. With the earlier models now being more than 25 years old, they’re now classics, or whatever you want to call them. JDM versions will likely begin to trickle over from Japan and through Canada. This will keep the spirit alive for a long time.

Thank you for your support, and while I can make no guarantee concerning the next time I update this home page, I will keep the site and BBS going regardless.