New Writeups, New Members

I’ve all but finished a few writeups i’ve had on ice for a few months. I don’t have pictures of the installs, but they aren’t the most important thing. The MSD DIS-2 ignition is one of the best upgrades i’ve done and the STi top mounts are a great addition to an upgraded suspension.

Dan sent me a few pics of his super-nice Touring Wagon featuring the stunning 18″ TSW Hockenheim wheels. Definitely a must-see.


Well, it’s been a very busy month for me 😀

The Tokyo trip was fantastic, almost beyond words for a car nut like me. The sheer magnitude of Subarus, not to mention all the other makes, was overwhelming.

I just got back from SEMA in Las Vegas. It was missing some of the cooler displays, like Apex-i, but there was a lot of neat stuff there. Thankfully the show was at least as big as last year, and attendance was good, though i’m certain reluctance to fly factored into the numbers.

I got to meet Trey Cobb from Cobb Tuning and Brennan from SubySports, as well as Rod from Arizona and some of the other guys at the 4th Annual West Coast Subaru meet. I did miss a lot of the festivities, for various reasons, but i’m glad i came.

In other news, i’ve got some pics of Kevin Crisp’s 93 Touring Wagon in the Members section of Turbo-Centric. I’ve also got some very nice pics of a Touring Wagon with 18″ wheels on that i just received. I’ll scan them in as soon as i can.

Finally, i’ve gotten around to installing the CUSCO lower arm brace. Jump over to the Library and have a look. It’s hard to get, but compliments the suspension and looks good to boot.