Good time at the Autocross, and DMS in my future

I had a very good time at the local autocross this last Sunday, placing 7th of 16 in an extremely competitive Street Modified class. I was .7 sec from being in 4th place. The car was running pretty well, and the cool conditions probably helped me out a bit.

I’m learning to appreciate low-end torque, as i can run the whole course in 2nd gear and not bog at all, something the WRX guys couldn’t do.

Also, i’ve stumbled upon some DMS 40mm coilovers for an unbeatable price, and i might possibly have them by this weekend. Needless to say, i’m excited to get these world-class coilovers on the wagon.

More Additions

I’ve added a link to one crazy Liberty, it’s been built up by Stirlo, and it’s one of the most unique looking BCs i’ve ever seen. Check out the page directly here or via the Reader Rides link.

I’ve added pages for scans from 92 Subaru and 94 Legacy brochures i have, they can be found in the Library. Nice stuff.

I’ve also updated the “My Legacy” profile for my own car, adding some of the bits i’d installed during and after the transmission swap.

Subaru Liberty Brochure in the Library

I finally got PS7 and DW4 installed on my new machine, so i put them through the test and put together the scan i made of an Australian Subaru Liberty brochure.

It’s big, dialup users beware, and the images are also wide to accomodate the format better but to maintain readability.

Have a look, and i have a half-dozen more in the oven.

Subaru Liberty Brochure

High Mileage

Well i did just pass 115k miles, but that’s not what this is about.

For the past 3 tanks of gas, i’ve consistently gotten over 300 miles per tank, at least 21MPG. I do not drive like grandma, but i do have a fair amount of driving on the flat and a decent percentage at sustained speed.

The manual just keeps making me happier!