A New Look, Some New Content

You may have noticed that the site navigation is a bit different. I went through and cleaned up a lot of the bulky code I was using and replaced it with some far more elegant stuff. Simpler is better, IMO.

I’ve added a bunch of new people to Reader’s Rides, so make sure and have a look over there. Ahmad’s BE, Chase’s twin turbo, Fred’s turbo, Heather’s GT, Jeremiah’s GT-B, Krzysztof’s Turbo, Matt’s wagon, Nico’s Hybrid Impreza, Thomas’ BD, Tim’s turbo and Tony’s B4 RSK are all new additions.

I’ve also added a bunch of new scans to the Car Reviews section. New stuff includes some reviews of the BD/BG and BE/BH models. I also found a lot of cool Subaru ads, Legacy and Impreza alike, that I scanned in and put up in The Library. They’re in the rightmost column under “scanned ads”.