New Tires

Well, too much camber and toe and not enough tire rotation finally cought up with me. I blew one of my front tires this morning because it was corded. The other front was the same, so i decided to just replace them all.

Instead of getting some more high-performance tires, i decided to get an intermediate tire that would get me safely through the winter but not compromise too much in the dry.

Big-O is a large chain in the west, and i bought a set of their branded Legacy Touring Plus H tires, the same as i had on my old sedan, in a 205/55-16 size. It’s a bit tall, even more than stock, but i’ll get a bit better mileage and the blowout happened at 7:30 in the morning. I didn’t want to drive on a spare more than a few miles, and very few other sizes in a 16″ were available.

Perhaps by next spring i’ll get a set of 17″ wheels and stickier tires.

I’m Still Here…

The lack of news is because, well, there’s not much new!

I’ve got the wierdest problem with my stereo, the sub amp doesn’t turn on and stay on, and it seems to be related to the engine speed, but not directly. I had the alternator tested, but the results were very odd, so i’m not sure that i want to go replacing stuff to fix it yet.

I do want to sell my DMS 40mm coilovers. Since i’m not campaigning the wagon on the autocross course anymore, i don’t think i need such a radical setup. I’ll probably resort to something closer to stock. If anyone out there is interested, email me for details.

In the meantime, the car still runs great 😀