Fun Stuff

I know i said there were going to be some cool things happening this year…so far it’s been a doozy. Subaru of America invited me to Detroit for the unveiling of the new 2005 Legacy, including the GT and GT Limited, the first turbocharged Legacy model since the 94 model year.

Of course i was somewhat suprised, to say the least, but it sounded like a great time, and indeed it was. I got to meet some other members of our online community, including Alex from i-club, Jamie from SubieGal, A.J. and Bob from the Edmunds forums and many more. We had a great time, got to see the new Legacy and B95C show car, and the rest of the new crop of great cars the rest of the world has to offer.

I whipped up a picture gallery of the Subaru content at the show, available here.

In other news, i got another MotorVac done on the wagon, and once again it seemed to clear things up, so the car definitely feels better than it has for a while. I also went in to get the smog test done, and to my delight, it should pass with flying colors again. I still don’t have a catatlytic converter, and the car is closing fast on 140,000.

Cobb Tuning is sponsoring a huge meeting in Salt Lake City in late spring, with people from just about everywhere in North America attending, so that should be a great time. Details here.

That’s all for now.