A Few Things

I got super lucky and found a SYMS spoiler for my car from SPO Motorsports on their clearance page. I saw this on their show car at SEMA in 2000, but didn’t ever think I’d find one.

I’m having a friend paint and clear it for me. Not sure how long it’ll take to get the paint and all done, but I can’t wait. The lip spoiler is the look I like on these kind of cars if they’re not wingless. It’ll be nice to have the better visibility and the unique look too.

I sold my Rota Formels to a friend with an 05 WRX. He’s going to grab a fourth wheel and get some tires in a bit. I’ve finally got him craving aftermarket parts now that he’s not driving a boring A4 2.8.

I’m also selling a set of WRX brakes from an 03. $125 plus shipping in the US.

Finally, I have a TWE Equal-Length header coming my way. It’s almost new and should make a good replacement for my aging Borlas. The sound is going to be a bit different, but I think it’ll be good, especially since I should have better power too.