Renewed Vigor

For a few weeks, I really investigated getting another motorcycle, but ended up dropping the whole idea. Instead, I figured that I’d invest more into something that I can use every day of the year: my car.

First I was able to find a rear Cusco strut tower brace, which I’ve yet to install, but will get to soon. Next was a test fit of a shift and ebrake boot for the BE/BH Legacy model. I’ve installed the shift boot, but the ebrake is going to take some more advanced disassembly to get at, so it’ll wait a day or two.

I have a set of 12.3″ Legacy GT brakes from an 05 model coming as I type, and I’m looking forward to putting these big beasts on. My current brakes are good, but these should be even better.

IA Performance┬ámakes some cool 6.5″ adapters for Subaru models which allow us to mount aftermarket speakers while using the stock location and nylon screw threads. This allows for better spacing from the window for deep speakers. I’ve installed the driver side already, with great results, given the mess it was before. The passenger side will come during the next week or two when I install a few more items.

Finally, I’m looking at getting another set of Rota wheels, this time in an 18″ diameter. I haven’t decided on which style or finish yet, but that’ll probably be something tackled in August.

Look for some new reviews of these products in the next month or two.