Ride n’ Drive

If you’ve been paying attention to the posts i’ve done in the last few months, which are few and far between i admit, you may have noticed that Subaru invited me to Detroit for the unveiling of the new generation of the Legacy.

Well, they contacted me again to go down to Las Vegas and see the new model in action, to go for a drive and get behind the wheel to feel what improvements have been made in the Legacy line.

Well, i must say that the new model is easily the best, in my opinion, since the first generation Turbo and perhaps the 97 GT. The GT is fast, agile, quiet and very stable at speed. It looks extremely well in silver, red and black…and in person.

Since my camera decided to stop working properly when we got to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, i’m going to have to rely on some pictures that Jamie, aka Subie Gal, took at the event over here. There are a few pics of me, mostly towards the bottom.

The Cobb meet is next weekend, we’re expecting a lot of Imprezas and maybe a few Legacies, but the ratio will be pretty awful. Oh well.