So Far, So Good

I’m loving it so far. Everything is working very good with the transmission and i’m very pleased with the car now.

I do have some issues i need to take care of, including the reverse lights, speed sensor and some ECU tweaking, but these are minor issues and the car is running fine.

The write-up is pretty much done, and i’ll probably publish it as-is, adding more as things evolve.

Transmission Swapped!

Well, it’s been a long time coming, and there were definitely times that i thought it’d never come to pass, but it’s pretty much finished.

I’m putting the final touches on the swap this week, with electronic issues being the culprit of a few odd behaviours.

I really do like the car even more now. It’s fast, lighter and feels much more balanced with operational AWD.

A lengthy writeup with pictures will follow.


In a fit of boredom this afternoon, i removed the crossbars from my roof rack. Well it certainly looks much sleeker. Perhaps when i get around to washing it, i’ll take a picture.

Perhaps when i get around to repainting it, i’ll get rid of it entirely, but until then…

It’s All Here…Mostly

Well, the transmission is here, as well as most everything else i need, but a few parts are still missing, among other things.

I don’t have the replacement crossmember or a spring that connects the two shafts from the shifter back on the transmission. Also, the pedal assembly i got had two broken switches and was rusted badly. All of these parts are being shipped to me, however, so the company is making good on its deal.

But here’s where it gets confusing. I’d ordered a 4.11 transmission and LSD differential. The problem is that John was led to believe that there was indeed a 4.11 transmission in the Legacy Turbo, and a 4.11 LSD. Unfortunately, neither exist, nor have ever existed in the US Legacy Turbo. So, instead i got a 3.9 Turbo transmission from a 91 and a 4.11 open differential from a 93 wagon. Oh well.

Here’s the plan right now: Keep the 3.9 transmission and install it with my stock 3.9 rear, use that till i can find a 3.9 LSD locally and just swap the guts.

This will keep the labor time on installation down a bit, so there are fewer things to do, and fewer things to go wrong, and the car should be on the road sooner.

This should all go down late next week, i hope.

Site Revision

You may notice a few things have disappeared and changed. In the interest of making the site more accessible and browsing friendly, i’ve eliminated some of the old and relatively useless areas and have done away with Turbo-Centric, merging it with Legacy Central. It’s much easier for me to administer, and should be easier for you, the reader, to get around and find the info you need.

Thanks for your support!