Well, i’m back from my vacation to Tokyo and i must say that for a Subaru and Japanese car enthusiast, it really doesn’t get any better anywhere.

I saw so many Touring Wagons, B4s and WRXes that it was overwhelming, and that was just the nice Subaru stuff. Nissan Skylines, Silvias, Lancers and the like can be found there occasionally as well.

I got a few things while there, a CUSCO lower arm brace and STi top mounts. The mounts are in, and they made a very noticeable difference. Quiet and firm, removing most of the rest of the bounciness i was getting from the worn stock parts.

The bar is a very uncommon item in the states, but everyone in Japan uses them, and i got it in the equivalent of a Pep Boys store, on the shelf. Amazing.