News, For News Sake

My mom has been bugging me to mention her new car. Fine. She got a slightly-used PT Cruiser GT convertible. It’s…fast in a straight line. Not bad for a convertible, but just don’t drive it over bumps. Fun at stop lights with the traction control off and 220HP, courtesy of a turbo, no LSD and FWD. Happy mom?

I haven’t got around to putting those HUGE LGT front brakes on yet. Swapping calipers involves at least some brake bleeding, which I’ve done only once or twice before. It’s mildly intimidating.

I did get that rear Cusco brace installed. As I suspected, it made little to no difference, but it’s a nice present for my car and looks cool on a mod list. Lets be honest, sometimes that’s important. Besides, the car was made in Indiana, and the more Japanese stuff on it, the better. I’m trying to get some JDM taillights…one step at a time.