Spring Is In the Air

The local weather has been a rollercoaster, going from high-60 and low-70 temps down into the 40s and 50s, with rain and even the occasional snowflake. At my altitude of 4500ft, this isn’t so unthinkable, but it does make the occasion of riding the motorcycle a bit more uncommon.

I had the water pump replaced yesterday. I’d like to thank Richard Buckner of Royal Moore Subaru in Hillsboro Oregon for getting me the parts. So far so good, and no temp spikes on the way home from Salt Lake City yesterday afternoon, but the next week’s driving will tell.

I need to get my wheels balanced, badly. At 55, the steering wheel begins its best imitation of a fish out of water, flopping back and forth. An alignment wouldn’t be a bad idea either. I’ve been told that Firestone shops have a lifetime alignment offer, which is pretty expensive to buy into, but pays for itself after a few visits.

The BBS is still going very strong. If you have any questions about literally anything on the site, the BBS is the best place to seek answers. I will continue to try and answer your emails, but i’m afraid the community at large is a much stronger source of facts than i am.

You may have noticed the Google ads on a few pages. This is a measure intended to help me fund the site and provide you, the reader, with useful links. The program is very well run, unobtrisive and flexible, along with being practical and effective.

I’m excited to report that Utah will be getting its first “real” roadcourse in late 2005, with the completion of the Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele. It’s really incredible that local drivers and clubs will have the availability of a large, flexible course. Of course track driving is much more taxing on a vehicle, so any designs i may have on track driving must be tempered with the reality that a lot of parts on the car would need to be addressed in order to bring it up to a reliable level.