Wheels, Tires, and Brakes!

Last Saturday I finally got around to putting those big 05 LGT brakes on the car. It took me a few hours, and with a little help, I was able to get the lines bled. The biggest difference is in the look, as they fill my wheels up a lot more than the old WRX setup did. The feel isn’t much different, but I know now that I have enough braking to reliably stop a significantly faster car with similar weight. Confidence is nice.

Hot on the heels of the new brakes came a deal I passed up initially, but decided to go for anyways. I found a seller in Colorado of some 18″ Prodrive/OZ P-WRC1 wheels. I’d shopped for larger wheels two months or so ago, but decided against it. This deal gave me the opportunity to get new tires, which I needed anyway, and get a look that I really was looking for. I decided on some Falken FK-452 tires in 225/40-18 for summer/spring/fall duty, while the Rotas will be kept with some all-season or snow tires for the rest of the year.

The LGT brakes look good under the new wheels as well. So far I like them a lot, and everyone seems pleased at the color and style.