Out With the Old…

The Wagon is for sale. It’s going to be hard to see it go, but i’m moving on.

The new car is everything i expected. It’s very good looking, has a great interior, rides smooth and is slower than the Wagon. I’m working on that last part, trying to make the Borla header and Fujitsubo cat-back work together via a high-flow cat.

There are going to be some changes on the site. As i do some things to the new car, i’ll be changing the Library to reflect that. I also have some scanned in magazine reviews of BD/BG and BE/BH models that i’ll be putting online in the near future.

Don’t worry about the current content going away, or the BBS fading into disrepair. I’m in the process of trying to expand and strengthen the Legacy community as a whole, which involves some powerful alliances. The Legacy will always place second to the Impreza on the scale of enthusiast involvement, but we’re getting closer to domestic parity, and that’s exciting.