Six Years, Still Going Strong

This February marks the sixth year of the site. It’s been and up and down experience, but interesting the whole time. Thanks for coming.

The engine swap out is running into problems. I’ll go into detail when i know more, but it’s not going to be as simple as it should be because of problems with the replacement motor. I’m looking into the possibility of another candidate, or simply having one or the other rebuilt. It’s frustrating, sure, but worth it.

Saga Of the Engine

The last week or so has been very interesting. Nate Wade Subaru in Salt Lake City had the car for almost a week, but couldn’t figure out what was causing the car to get hot, even after two sets of head gaskets and a new radiator.

I’ve had many discussions about engine swaps, from a USDM EJ20 to an EZ30 H6, with everything inbetween. Wiring up a turbo engine is a daunting task, something i’m not sure if i feel confident enough to pull off. There are plenty of people out there who’ve done it to the Impreza, and a handful of Legacies as well. The time involved, plus the price, has made me hesitate to go that direction.

The mechanic who did my transmission swap has sourced a Phase II EJ25 SOHC from a 2000 Legacy with 42k miles on it. This is the same year as mine, same engine, with less than half the miles on it. The price is better than right, it’s a downright steal for a complete engine. I’m probably going to add some Cobb Street cams, lightweight crank pulley, flywheel and Street clutch to the mix, while the engine is out and everything is accessible.

I’d love to have the versatility of a turbo engine, the ability to add components and turn up boost, but the price is at least twice that of my current build. 200-220 crank horsepower should be within my grasp, when i get a high-flow cat installed. That’s a healthy increase over the 165 from the factory.


I had Nate Wade Subaru in SLC replace the head gaskets under a service warranty, but unfortunately, the drive home seems to have killed them again. They’re taking a look at it once more to see what some deeper investigation may net.

I hope it’s not serious, and if it is, that SOA will cover the engine under the whole headgasket umbrella. The service department is competent, so i’m just hoping for the best.

I sold the Prodrive wheels to a nice WRX owner this weekend. I will miss them, but they should be getting a fair bit of use, so i’m happy someone else is getting pleasure from them.

Time Passes, Things Stay the Same

Ok, I’m still here.

I am having some overheating problems that are holding back the car right now. I’m %99 sure it’s not the head gaskets, so i’m working with the parts that it might be otherwise.

I still have a few parts that I need to sell, details are available here with images and prices. Items include some SS brakelines, Kartboy short shifter, Blitz DTT Turbo Timer and WRX fuel pump.