New Stuff

I got the urge to go to the salvage yard today and see if i could get some replacement parts, namely a power antenna, driver’s side mirror and rear view mirror. I also found a working passive seatbelt for $100, but it was on a 92 wagon, so who knows how much life it has left.

The big find was a nearly pristine left front fender on that same wagon, white and priced right. Mine had one rust spot on the front and a big hole where the mudflaps used to cover. I did have some trouble, however, when it came to taking my fender off, as i proceeded to break four of the 11 bolts that hold the fender on. I tried to use an easy out, but ended up breaking two of them in the process. 7 of 11 will keep it well attached until i find a good way to attach them otherwise. In the end, the car looks a lot better. Now i have to deal with the rust patch behind the left rear tire.

I’m going to have Charlie help me do some work next friday, like replacing the brake lines, rear springs, fuel pump and connecting the neutral and reverse switches from the transmission. I also need to change the transmission and rear diff fluids, as well as the oil.

The Cobb Meet is in late May, and i should have my intercooler welded back up and reinstalled. I’m hoping to possibly get my spare turbo rebuilt by Deadbolt Enterprises, who have a pretty comprehensive list of upgrades available for the IHI RHB52. I’m considering the porting, larger compressor wheel and ceramic coating along with the rebuild. I could upgrade the turbo entirely, but at the moment i do enjoy the power and responsiveness from the stock unit, and think it could get even better with a little work.

Spring Is Here…

I got my Cobb street pads on, with nice results. They’re a bit expensive, but i’ve heard a lot of good things about them and i’m not at all disappointed. Replacing pads on new hardware is a lot easier than it is on ten-year-old bits. It took less than 20 minutes to do both sides!

There’s Legacy Central apparenl and whanot available at the new Cafepress store. I have some shirts, mugs and stickers available. I had a lot of requests for things like this on the BBS and this setup makes it very easy to meet the demand. If you’re interested, go have a look:  Legacy Central Store