Spring Cleanup – Five Years? – New Members and info

I have a lot of things i need to do on the car. I have some parts that i’ve been accumulating that need to be installed, but due to the chilly weather, i haven’t done so. I want to look spiffy and be in good shape for the Cobb Meet in May, so i better get crackin’

I’ve just secured another set of SS brakelines, Goodridge, from jacobhorn over at NASIOC. My SMC lines were fine, but i let them rub against the inside of my tires and it did enough damage that i feel they should be replaced. I’m going to be ordering some Hawk HPS brake pads soon, as my stock WRX/OB ones weren’t that great, and are worn. I’ve got some new 8kg/mm rear springs for my TEIN HA coilovers, since the 6kg/mm units can barely hold the car up. A replacement master/slave cylinder and FCD from vrg3 on the BBS also need attention. Finally, i should hook up my neutral and reverse switches and replace many of the vacuum lines under the hood.

Ok, i just noticed that it’s been five years this month since i started the page up. Wow. Thanks for everyone who’s sent me an email and given feedback.

Finally, i’ve added some new people to the Reader Rides section. They’re marked with the “(NEW)” tag. I also updated the transmission swap article with some electronics and clutch information, and added and article in the Library about adapting a WRX TD04 to fit the Legacy Turbo.