The World Keeps Turning

Not a lot going on with regards to the site in the last few months, so I apologize for the lack of updates. The only thing I’ve done to the car is the addition of a Random high flow catalytic converter section. This has definitely helped the powerband out and made it easier to cruise in a taller gear. I ordered the 2.5RS part and it fit just fine with my Borla and Fujitsubo parts. More likely because of the tame nature of the Fujitsubo rear section, the sound has improved, but it’s not loud. My wagon was, I later learned, very loud on acceleration. This setup is much less so, but still has that familiar boxer rumble that most people can associate with.

AdSense seems to be working well. The site and BBS maintain a constant hit number, with the BBS giving a fair bit of dynamic content. It has helped with hosting, so I’m pleased about that.

I’ve heard that the new Spec-B 06 Legacy model is hitting showrooms. The BL/BP is getting an increasingly large owner base, and even American journalists seem to compare it favorably to the competition. I can only hope that they continue to pursue the performance models in North America in the same way they’ve done it in Japan: with class. It’ll be a long time before I’d be in a position to upgrade, but it’s nice to know that the aftermarket has been so supportive of it.

General Motors has sold its ~20% share of FHI recently. Toyota picked up a good portion of the shares, while the others were purchased by an investment group, if recall correctly. The GM connection helped Subaru greatly in the early years of this millenium, but the last few years have been unimpressive for the General, while Toyota continues on its roll. Crossover technology is even more commonplace in Japan than it is in North America, perhaps the hybrid technology Toyota is using will appear in future Subaru models.