This is a collection of useful links to local groups, message boards, vendors and personal enthusiast web pages.

Misc Stuff

Motorsports and Kids

Motorsports and Kids – Hello Taylor, Stephen, and Becca

Message boards

Legacy Central BBS

What, didn’t know about this? Yeah, we have our own BBS. The best place on the web for 90-94 Legacy info.

BC-BF LegacyWorks

A mailing list/message board dedicated to the 89-94 Subaru Legacies from around the world. This board has been archived and added to the Legacy Central BBS and contains all posts up to late 2003 

Legacy Forums at i-club

Fast growing community dedicated to the Legacy. Now with individual subject forums. Best suited for 95+ models.

Legacy Forum at NASIOC

Very good forum with valuable information and helpful people. Best suited for 95+ models.

Forum Subaru

A new BBS on the scene. All models are welcome, with regional, classified and miscellaneous forums available.

LegacyGT dot com

A site devoted to all Legacy models, but emphasising the 2005 USDM model.

New Generation of Subarus @ USC

This board is one of the most frequented and informative ones around

Subaru Legacy International

Another excellent Legacy forum with an place for all years and models.

UK Legacy

The newest all-Legacy forum on the scene, with a slant towards UK owners and fans.


Modern Garage

A local Utah garage which has willingly stepped in to fill the void of Subaru performance in Utah. Christian and Tyler run a no-nonsense shop whose main goal is to get you the best performance and products. Not for the budget-minded, but for those who want something done right at a very fair rate.

Cobb Tuning

Cobb Tuning has a wide array of parts for Legacies, Imprezas and Forester. They’ve got a very large Legacy catalog. A well made page and easy navigation make this site a winner. You should be able to find something you want there.

Teague’s Auto/Boxer4Racing

NC based Teague sells both performance and aesthetic accessories to make your Legacy, Impreza or Forester the best I can be. CUSCO, H&R, Whiteline and Unorthodox parts, as well as many other brands, are available.

Primitive Enterprises 

Headed by successful SCCA veteran Paul Eklund, this site has a ton of parts for both the Legacy and Impreza. The focus is on rally-proven technology as Paul is an active rally driver.

MRT Rally

Middleton Racing Team is one of the premier rally teams in Australia. They have a large selection of parts and a very helpful classified ads section.

SPO Motorsports

SPO is a late-model Legacy owner’s dream, with a load of great looking and performing parts from SYMS, Borla, Weapon R, H&R and KYB.

I-Speed and Crawford Performance

I-Speed USA is well known for their Subaru tuning and engine swaps, while Crawford is a force to be reckoned with in the world of performance engine building.

Perfection Motorsports

New company on the scene with Impreza, Legacy and Motorcycle parts available

Frantic Four

Subaru and Audi tuner that tunes new and old models

SPD Tuning

Mike from SPD tuning may very well be the most informed and experienced Subaru mechanic and reseller around. His page is full of quality information and advice. He has the best parts around and he knows what he’s talking about. He has parts for both Legacies and Imprezas.


An Australian company that can source a multitude of parts.


An excellent tuner with parts for your Legacy.

Personal Links

Apex Japan

Authored by Paul Hansen in Tokyo, it gives a westerner’s perspecitve on some of Japan’s most interesting cars.

Legacy 777

Josh’s 90 Legacy FWD is a work in progress and he’s one of the most active members in the BC-BF community. 


This well known autocrosser has put up her own site with a ton of cool pics and very helpful information. 


A relatively new, but very impressive site with tons of great information and pictures

The Legacy Register

A nice site based in the UK with some really cool information and pictures.

Rare production Subarus

Gary’s nice, simple page with some very good pictures of his rare Legacies, a 94 Sport Sedan and 95 LSI.

SubeDude’s Legacy site

SubeDude from the Ultimate Subaru Board has a cool site up with pics, mods and a cool gallery.

LoneWolf’s Subaru Site

LoneWolf75 drives a 92 Legacy L with a chart of modifications and a really nice image gallery.

Subaru Owners Club of Calgary

Jeffrey has a nice page with a few links and a message board. It doesn’t get a lot of traffic but go help him out with a click 🙂

Scott has a pretty nice site here. He works at a Subaru dealership in Minnesota so he gets a lot of inside information and future updates.

Subaru High Mileage Club

This site offers a first hand look at how well Subarus are built. It has some cars that have reached 300k miles with little or no major mechanical services done. Incredible!

Team 555 Legacy

This page has many pictures of the Team 555 Legacy as well as other rally Legacies.   For those who don’t know, Subaru was a force to be reckoned with before the Impreza. Although not quite as successful, it was a very important stepping stone. This page also offers a guestbook

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