TEIN HAs, etc

Well, i’ve been through more suspensions than almost anyone i know, and i’m closer to bliss with my newest setup than ever before. I was considering going back to a stock-like setup after my disappointment with the DMS 40s, but a set of TEIN HAs came along at an unbeatable price, so i decided that i had nothing to lose.

I’ve put together some of my thoughts on this new setup versus what i’ve used in the past over here. I wrote this before my install, and i hope to follow it up with another document that describes the install and impressions afterwards.

FYI, the DMS 40s are being returned from Lachute Subaru in Quebec. DMS Australia themselves recommended Lachute for the best service in North America, and indeed Mark had all four of them rebuilt in as-new condition within 24 hours. Terribly impressive. I’m going to either sell the DMS or trade them for a set of wheels and tires.

The BBS has been a great success so far, with more than 80 users in less than 15 days. I’m glad i can give the BC-BF crowd a nice place to discuss their cars that’s easy on the eyes and the nerves.

I also replaced two axles and one CV boot recently.

New Stuff

It was a busy weekend, this weekend, with the Cobb Tuning Grand Opening in Salt Lake City. There was a really large turnout for the event and i think everyone had a really good time seeing the facilities, talking to the staff and seeing the TeamSMR USTCC car. I put together a slideshow of the event and the drive after over here.

I also raced the RX-7 on Sunday in the last event of our season and again took 1st in SM2, this time against a turbo Miata, turbo MR2 and supercharged MR2 in what is very close to a stock 1984 RX-7. Very fun.

The BBS is going very, very well, and i’d like to thank all of you for your support of it and your input. I’m sure it’ll be a success.

Zak sent me some information and pictures of his 1993 Sport Sedan, which i’ve thrown together into a page for you all to check out: Zak.

Finally, Jake from Melbourne informed me that he’s started up an RS Owners club. They had their first cruise last week (pictures) and it was a great time. For those RS owners out there, they have their own Liberty RS Turbo Yahoo Groups board.

Legacy Central BBS

I’ve added a very, very cool feature to the site: The Legacy Central BBS.

I’ve wanted to do this for a long time and now i can.

Please check it out, the URL is very easy to remember:


Get registered, it’s very simple and easy to do. Ask questions, post pictures of your car, make suggestions!