Family Subarus

(first posted in 2004)

(This page is mostly ancient information. Half of the cars here are no longer in the family, but the good news is that they’ve generally been replaced with newer models instead of other makes. My 90 L was sold, then involved in a serious accident. Another Forester was added, then the original white one was traded in on an 04. An Outback joined the red FWD model. To further complicate things, i’ve sold my 93 Wagon and purchased a 2000 Legacy GT Limited.)

This picture was taken in March of 1999. We had a family gathering and i happened to notice that most of the Subarus in the family were present. We rounded up the other two and thought the driveway would be perfect for such a picture. Since this was written up we’ve added an absolutely identical Black Forester and of course my 93 Wagon.

We have 5 Legacies and Two Forresters. Tom’s Black Forrester is not shown. This table shows information about them:

Whose car:ModelYearMileageTransmissionEngineDrivetrain
Dave (me)Legacy L Sedan90926354-Speed Auto2.2AWD
LeahLegacy L Sedan901711234-Speed Auto2.2FWD
HeidiLegacy L Sedan91852974-Speed Auto2.2FWD
AnneLegacy L Sedan95449294-Speed Auto2.2AWD
LeahLegacy L Sedan97464354-Speed Auto2.2AWD
EileenForrester L98111304-Speed Auto2.5AWD

(as of 3/99)

This is Leah’s ’90 Legacy L FWD.  It has a load of miles, 170k+ and is driven daily. Heidi looks on while leaning on her ’91 Legacy L FWD.

This is Leah’s son Matt posing by their 97 Legacy L AWD.  

This is Becky standing by her mothers 95 Legacy L AWD.  They have only owned it 2 months but they are very happy with it. 

This is Eileen’s Beautiful 98 Forrester.  It is a great car and she loves it. 

This is Tom, Eileen’s husband. This Forester was made the same month and year the white one was. They love ’em both. 

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