After some decidedly strange swings in weather, it appears that springtime is finally here in Utah.

A few weeks ago I finally got back down to A&C Automotive and had Charlie adjust my lifters. A year before, when I’d had the headgasket/cooling issues, I had him install some Cobb Street Cams in the car, along with some other stuff. I was supposed to have them adjusted after 1500 miles, but it ended up being more like 8000. Thankfully they were only .001″ out of spec, and there was no need to worry about camshaft damage. The engine is quieter, but still louder than before the cams, which is normal.

I also finally switched back to Mobil 1, which the car had been run on since it was new. Chalk it up to laziness, I suppose, but I don’t drive as much as I used to with my wagon, and it didn’t seem to be a big priority.

Hopefully I can get a respectable stereo system into the car this spring or summer. I’ve been using a small JBL amp to drive the 6 speakers in the car, but the lack of a sub leaves me wanting for a more complete experience. At least I can roll down the windows and hear the pleasant, if not aggressive, intake and exhaust this time of year.