Addendum To Confession

What i’m going to say might sound heretical to some of you, but that’s tough: RWD is a LOT more fun to drive in an autocross course, especially when the car weighs almost 1000lbs less than my Wagon.

I came home with another 1st place plaque from the event on Sunday, granted it was in a two-person class, but that’s the short part of the story.

Four people now drive this car, but i was the fastest of the day in it, by more than two-tenths of a second. Not only that, but i even bested a much better prepped, 12A powered RX-7 with race tires, suspension and numerous other tweaks. Our car rides on stock suspension, Falken Azenis on the stock wheels, a test-pipe, modified ignition and electric fan. We removed the A/C also, and PS wasn’t installed from the factory.

Planned upgrades are many, but i’d like to get a smaller steering wheel very soon. Being 6’2″ and driving an FB RX-7 is silly, my helmet sticks out of the sunroof at least 2″, but it’s very fun. The weight of the car is very apparent, as i can toss it around and get it sliding, but the brakes and steering are much more responsive because of the lower inertia.

I’m considering selling my DMS 40s from the Wagon, but that’s because they’re a maintenance item, and i’m not going to race it anymore. I’ll probably get an AGX/GC setup for the street. I don’t plan on selling anything else off the car, however, as it’s a terribly fun daily-driver as it is.