A Few New Things

First off, I was able to find some JDM taillights from a member on NASIOC’s Legacy forum. There are some small differences, but the important thing is that they are completely plug and bolt compatible:

The color is darker, there’s no amber lenses (clear lenses with amber bulbs) and the center section says “LEGACY” instead of “SUBARU” now. It’s a nice change, though a bit on the pricey side.

The second change is that one of my Rota Formels was bent, but instead of replacing one old wheel, I decided to look for another set of wheels. I found a set of 17×7.5″ Rota SDRs from a local guy and am now using them for snow wheels instead of the Formels:

You can see both the new wheels and the JDM taillights installed in this picture.

No more wobbling or tire noise now. I was afraid that the wheels would be too dark, but the finish is glossy enough that it picks up light pretty well.

I had some overheating problems in the last two weeks but I seem to have been able to solve the problem by replacing the thermostat. I was fearing another radiator clogging or headgasket failure. Thankfully the new thermostat seems to have fixed the problem for now.