It’s All Here…Mostly

Well, the transmission is here, as well as most everything else i need, but a few parts are still missing, among other things.

I don’t have the replacement crossmember or a spring that connects the two shafts from the shifter back on the transmission. Also, the pedal assembly i got had two broken switches and was rusted badly. All of these parts are being shipped to me, however, so the company is making good on its deal.

But here’s where it gets confusing. I’d ordered a 4.11 transmission and LSD differential. The problem is that John was led to believe that there was indeed a 4.11 transmission in the Legacy Turbo, and a 4.11 LSD. Unfortunately, neither exist, nor have ever existed in the US Legacy Turbo. So, instead i got a 3.9 Turbo transmission from a 91 and a 4.11 open differential from a 93 wagon. Oh well.

Here’s the plan right now: Keep the 3.9 transmission and install it with my stock 3.9 rear, use that till i can find a 3.9 LSD locally and just swap the guts.

This will keep the labor time on installation down a bit, so there are fewer things to do, and fewer things to go wrong, and the car should be on the road sooner.

This should all go down late next week, i hope.

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