New Tires

Well, too much camber and toe and not enough tire rotation finally cought up with me. I blew one of my front tires this morning because it was corded. The other front was the same, so i decided to just replace them all.

Instead of getting some more high-performance tires, i decided to get an intermediate tire that would get me safely through the winter but not compromise too much in the dry.

Big-O is a large chain in the west, and i bought a set of their branded Legacy Touring Plus H tires, the same as i had on my old sedan, in a 205/55-16 size. It’s a bit tall, even more than stock, but i’ll get a bit better mileage and the blowout happened at 7:30 in the morning. I didn’t want to drive on a spare more than a few miles, and very few other sizes in a 16″ were available.

Perhaps by next spring i’ll get a set of 17″ wheels and stickier tires.