Clogged Again?

Overheating has been an on and off problem with this car, literally from the day I bought it. There were a few years of no problems after I got the heads shaved, gaskets and radiator replaced, but the tide is coming back in (or leaving).

I found a new radiator and I’m going to put in another bottle of the Subaru Coolant System Conditioner to make absolutely sure that the headgasket is sealed as much as it can be, then swap the radiator in this weekend after another 100 miles or so of driving.

I did find out that the 04-07 STI radiator should be a direct replacement for that of the 00-04 Legacy. Many STI owners with lots of modifications like to upgrade to thicker and more effective radiators, so they’re not hard to find on sites like NASIOC.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I sold my Prodrive P-WRC1 wheels and picked up a set of 04 WRX STI BBS wheels for the car. They’re much lighter and still look good. Some 225/45-17 BFGoodrich g-force KDW-2 tires are on them and so far I really like it:

(click for gallery)

The Rota SDRs stay on for winter duty because they also look good and are very light. My Hankook Ice Bear W300s still have plenty of life left in them, so no need to make changes there.

I am in the process of downgrading my brakes from the 05 Legacy GT 12.3″ setup to the more reasonable 11.4″ WRX/Outback/LGT parts, but it sure has been a pain to get everything together and find the time.