It’s Another Year

My Check Engine light has been on for a while. I have some hesitation if I accelerate hard. I think I need to clean my air filter. My lifters need adjustment. I really need to change my oil.

Yeah, it’s another new year.

I’m still not sure if I want to replace the huuuuuge stock stereo with something that’ll play mp3 discs and mind-meld with my iPod. My first attempt at a stereo system in this car has ended, so this spring I’m going to have to start almost fron scratch. It’s another reason to consider a different deck, because I’m not sure how this one is wired up, as the previous owner had already installed a dual-line RCA cable to the trunk. All speaker wiring had also been replaced, and some of that Dynamat-type stuff was installed in the doors.

The KEF speakers are all gone, except for the tweeters in the A-pillar, but the door mounts are so ragged that I’m considering a more reliable solution involving bolts, custom wood mounts and the lot. Moving from a wagon to a sedan doesn’t help the sub situation any, but I don’t lust after throbbing LFOs like I did in the past anyways.

Cobb’s 2006 meet is taking place in May at the new Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah. I’m planning on attending, but I don’t intend to drive my car on the track at this point. There will be plenty of other cars to ride in, and maybe even drive. Knowing the crowd (read: Impreza drivers), I don’t know if I’d want to be out there anyways. I think it’ll be a good time anyway. Keep an eye on Cobb Tuning for more details.

My only time on a “real” track, Las Vegas Motor Speedway, was very fun for the two laps I was able to do in the then-new 5MT Legacy GT Wagon, but I also had an experienced driver in the passenger seat. The same went for everyone else, so a voice of moderation was ever-present. Sure, middle-aged Subaru regional reps aren’t exactly hardcore and balls-out on the track, but a few of us were really there to drive fast.