Missing In Action

Ok, so i haven’t posted for 4 months, sorry about that.

Truth is, i have nothing to post about. When you pick up a new toy, or hobby, how often do people stay with it for four years or more? Not often. Truth is that the car runs, though not as well as i’d like, but it gets me to work in comfort and that is all i care about right now. The boost problems i’m having are annoying, i’d like to get over .07 BAR, but it just doesn’t want to go.

I also purchased a 98 Yamaha Virago 1100 a few months ago, and am considering dropping over $1000 into it with pipes, seat and carb work.

I have no intention of taking down this site, or the bbs in the forseeable future, no matter how much my interest in the car wanes. If i do decide to part with it, i’ll leave it in good hands.