Not a lot new, but i have resolved a problem with the car that was really getting on my nerves: Hesitation.

I replaced my Denso Iridium spark plugs with some NGK V-Powers and the terrible hesitation i had before is now completely gone. The #1 Denso was a bit scorched, so i think it had a bit too much heat. Thankfully spark plug replacement with my intake is a lot easier, as i don’t have to disassemble the whole intake system to get to the plugs.

I still need to get some higher-rate springs for the rear of the car, as the 6kg TEINs aren’t enough for my heavy wagon. I’ll probably also get a new set on the front to make a set of 8kg, which is what TEIN equips their current series wagons with.

I still do want to get some new wheels/tires for the summer, as the current set i have would do perfectly for a seasonal setup. It’s too bad that the Rotas have such a bad offset for the Legacy.