Well i have been looking for the exact wire on my ECU that would tell it whether it was connected to a manual or automatic transmission, and with the help of Al and Lex, I found it.

Last night i took a pair of snips and cut it.

This morning i found that it really did do something!

Normally when i start the car after it’s been sitting overnight, the car tended to idle in the 2200-2400RPM range, much higher than it did with the auto. I suspect that it was compensating for the increased load of the fluid in the tranny, just to run it at the same speed. Now that i cut the wire, it is back in the 1400-1500 range, like before.

Also, when i would come to a stop light and disengage the clutch, the car would rev up to 1700-1900RPM, then back to a normal idle only when i was almost stopped. Now it drops to idle even when i disengage the clutch at speed. Cool.

Unfortuantely my 6250RPM rev limit is still in place, which is odd because Lex’ 93 Touring Wagon, made 5 months after mine, will go to about 6700 before getting cut off.


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