STI Stuff In, Mostly

I had Charlie install my STi engine and transmission mounts yesterday, money well spend for a job that takes just over and hour with a lift, pneumatic tools and the proper equipment. Doing this under a car on jack stands with manual tools would have been a joke. Money well spent. I have some pictures, i’ll do something up.

Unfortunately my STi shifter assembly does NOT fit. It’s one simple thing that doesn’t match up with my 91 Legacy Turbo transmission. There are two shafts going from the shift lever, one upper and one lower. The upper one connects with a T-shaped assembly on mine, but on the newer cars it’s C-shaped. I am not sure what to do at this point. At least the old one works.

The new mounts, however, make a very noticeable difference in the car. The whole thing feels very solid and the engine and transmission feel as if they’re directly connected, instead of bounching around in the car. There is a lot more vibration transferred through these stiff mounts, but i pays off, as the feel of the car is much improved. I do like it, a lot.

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