New Shifter, Plans

I just got the Kartboy shifter and bushings in the mail today and i should be able to test fit it later. I hope the RS version is the correct one for this car. Thankfully i have a friend who owns an RS that will take it off my hands if it doesn’t.

I still need to snip a wire on my ECU to make it act properly, it’s just a matter of getting the time and room. It’s cold!

I am inches from buying a used RHF5HB VF22 turbo. It’s a mild upgrade on the WRX, so that means it’s bigger than the Mitsubishi TD04L. It’s also ball bearing and apparently in good condition. It should bolt in rather easily, with the exhaust side being a sure bet. I’d have to customize the inlet and outlet on the compressor side of things, but it’s a small price to pay for lower intake temps and more airflow.

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