Winter is a depressing time for me. I don’t do any winter sports, my car doesn’t do all that great in the snow, and if you’ve ever been to Utah in the Winter, in the cities, it’s ugly. Half-melted snow with layers of nasty salt and grime, filthy cars and the temperature inversion all add up to a despicable mess.

Anyway, i’m still torn on what to do with my transmission. A rebuild is anywhere from $1500-$2500 for a 4EAT, while i can probably get into a 5MT swap for the low-end of that scale, but i’m not sure it’d be up to the torque this engine is putting out. I’m getting impatient, as the slippage i’m getting when the i get into the boost is just maddening.

When i push the pedal, i want the car to go, not just rev the motor and accelerate half-heartedly. This is why i’m leaning towards the 5MT again. So what if i break gears, if it lasts for a year i’d almost be content…