Well, it turns out that the TEIN camber plates i got don’t fit my D2 coilovers, so i’m trying to get a hold of TRi to get some of theirs.

Oh well.

In other news, i have recently installed the JC Sports Aluminum Coolant Tank as a replacement for my busted stock one. It’s shiny, it’s bigger, and it’s gonna last a lot longer than a stock replacement.

Go have a look!

New Stuff, and Stuff To Come!

Last weekend i installed the MSD DIS-2 ignition on the wagon. It took a LOT longer than it wanted it too, but i learned a few things, didn’t break anything, and learned that a burnt out headlight can be useful.

It’s a nice unit, albeit a little pricey, but it has made a noticeable difference. Coupled with the higher-capacitance “Diamond” coilpack i got from a newer Legacy 2.2, this thing sparks like mad.

Other additions are a set of TEIN front camber plates, to dial out some of the silly amounts of camber i have on the front, due to the lowering. An STi-style front strut brace is on its way as well. Now that my suspension is so stiff, i figure this would be a worthy addition.

The Intercooler project is off, officially, as i’ve sold the parts. 3″ exhaust will probably be next, then the IC later on this year.

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