Times They Are A Changing…

Well, it’s getting colder, so i have to drive the car more. I still have having a huge chunk of an investment sitting unused during the winter, but that’s what i get for living in northern Utah.

I’ve mentioned my frustration with the car before, though it may not have been on the front page. Rust is becoming an increasing problem for me, and along with all of the other stuff that seems to be breaking, it has me pretty down on the car. It can be fixed, but for me, this car is a money pit that i, personally, can’t continue to feed. I will be selling the wagon, pretty much as it sits, in the near future.

Not to fear, gentle reader, as i’m replacing it with a superb example of the most recent generation of Subaru Legacy. As tempting as an RS or SVX was, not to mention cars from different brands, i was lucky enough to find one that made my heart skip a beat. More info to follow, along with some pictures. Here’s a little teaser: