Notes about the 4EAT to 5MT conversion

The 4EAT to 5MT ECU pin is B48.20 (transmission ID) on this table (thanks vrg3)

Questions by Dave and answers by Lex

notes about conversion from automatic to stick

>The clutch master cylinder isn't returning the pedal to the top of it's
> travel, is this similar to the problem you were having with yours? You
> replaced yours, but i seem to recall that you weren't sure it was bad in
> the first place. Why?

BLEED THE AIR! two people are mandatory. it's a bitch. there are two
bleeders, we just did one for like 5-6 times, then switched to the
other. repeat. repeat. repeat. repeat! i also pulled the clutch up
with a rubber cord. not sure this really helped but it seemed to
tightened up more quickly...

> How did you trick it into starting without the neutral switch?

Well at first i just shorted it so it was permanently in neutral, but
this disables cruise control. I eventually switched this out with a
relay and used the neutral switch to invert the behavior. there are
two cords that go to the tranny. one is a 4x4, which is used to
tell the tranny when to shift. the 4x3 is the one you want.

let's see here:
connector from ecu (my ascii respresentation of the connector)
1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
X 9 10 11 12 X

starter: you need to short pins 11 and 12. if you want cruise control
to work you will need to buy a relay from radioshack and
connect it to the neutral switch.

reverse lights: 9 & 10

manual tranny has a connector.
1 2
X 3 4 X

one is the neutral switch and one is the reverse light. According
to the book it's 1 & 2 for reverse, and 3 & 4 for neutral. When I
connected mine it turned out to be 1&3 for reverse and 2&4 for
neutral. it's easy to test with a ohm meter.

You should also short one of the cables that went to the shifter. One of
them is the AT shift lock. when you short it with the battery plugged
in you will hear it click where the key hole is. When you short the other
one it turns on the manual light on the dash. it's a 2x2 male connector.

I used the male end of one of those "quick disconnect" that come from
the radio shack kits.

> How did you connect the speed sensor?

mine just fit. is there something wrong with yours? i noticed int he
parts book there was an extender, but it wasn't a requirement for

> Did you have mounts for the downpipe that connected to the transmission?

no i didn't. i think the manual tranny has a different down pipe.
the downpipe seemed pretty tight in place with upper and lower mounts.
i'm sure you can make some sort of bracket, but it would have to be
stiff metal to be useful.